Dosing Charts

When to contact your doctor:

Call Our Office

-Age 3 months and older: Fever of 103 or higher

-Fever does not go down with Tylenol or Motrin

-Fever lasting 3 consecutive days

-Decrease appetite/not eating

-Vomiting lasting more than 24 hours

-Diarrhea lasting 7-10 days (without vomiting but urinating well)

-Has a cough or wheeze

-Runny nose or cold lasting more than 10 days or worsening

-Eye drainage

-Watery, frequent stools, or blood in stools


-Insect sting or bite without difficulty breathing

-Cut with bleeding that IS controlled

-Minor dog bites

-Sprains, strains, and broken bones

-Sunburn or other minor burn

-Skin rash

-Poison ivy or oak

-Cold, flu, or sore throat

Go to the Emergency Room

-Child has not urinated in 8 hours

-Child is under 3 months old with a temperature of 100.4 or higher. 

-Change in mental status (confused speech, not responding normally, disorientation)

-Severe shortness of breath

-Head injury or trauma with loss of consciousness


-Bleeding that DOESN’T stop with pressure

-Sudden severe pain (i.e. worst headache of your life or severe belly pain

-Major injury or loss of consciousness

-Severe or persistent vomiting or diarrhea

-Coughing up or vomiting blood

-Sudden change in vision

-Suicidal feelings

Call 911

-Your child stops breathing or turns blue (around or in the mouth or nose)

-Bleeding that CANNOT be stopped


-Head injury with loss of consciousness, vomiting, or poor skin coloring

-Has convulsions (seizure activity)

Resources to aid in at home care:

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